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Carefully curated and designed books to give lasting memories for you and your family 

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Grandma's Table

This book is a compilation of family recipes, home remedies, and kitchen wisdom by Mrs. Rajinder Luthra. Her passion for cooking is evident in her life’s journey of which food has played an important role. This family cookbook includes stories from her childhood, photographs, influences, and inspirations on her cooking style, which has brought the family history to life.


8 x 10 inches 

128 pages

Hardback with Jacket

YKS_Mock up.jpg
Beyond The Name

The book ‘Beyond the Name’ - A Fulfilling Journey - celebrates the life of Justice Sabharwal. An illustrated biography, the book captures the journey of Justice Sabharwal- as a student, lawyer, a courageous judge and the Chief Justice of India - through accounts of people who were closely connected to him. Rare, never seen before photographs of Justice Sabharwal sourced from family and friends in addition with press clippings and illustrations makes this book an interesting read.


9 x 11 inches

Hardback with Jacket


Diwan Surinder Lal_Book Mockup_02.jpg
Diwan Surindar Lal

This book captures  the fascinating journey of Diwan Surindar Lal who belonged to the Diwan family of Eminabad. The family held the hereditary post of the Diwan

(Prime Minister) of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. 


The book traces the story of the family’s history through the ages up until Partition and their new beginnings in India.


9.8 x 11.4 inches

140 pages

Hardback with Sleeve Case

Kanwar_Mock up.jpg

A family’s history weaved through accounts of eight siblings. This story brings alive the incredible and indomitable spirit of people who lived through such trying times. 

In addition to the family’s history, the book also delves into traditions, music and recipes of Multan. 


9 x 11 inches 

156 pages

Hardback with Sleeve Case

The Kanwar's
Shail Dhingra_Book Mockup.jpg

The story of a lady who combines grace, elegance and creativity into one. Set in the beautiful hills of Dehradun, this story traces the journey of a lady who grew up in post world war Delhi and saw the transition of India from a colony into an independent state. It also documents the many influences she had in her life from her travels to many countries, specially Japan


9.8 x 11.4 inches

120 Pages

Hardback with sleeve case 

Shail Dhingra
Banaras_Cover -Mock up.jpg

The Story of Nandoo Ram and Family


The book documents the history of one of the oldest families of Banaras across generations including a 300 member family tree (1885-2019). In the book, the family’s story has been chronicled in the larger context of the social, political, cultural and economic climate of the time. 


8 x 10 inches

350 pages

Hardback with Jacket

Bohemians In Banaras
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