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Kiran Kapoor

(Director - Roli Books )

"When we began this project on our family history in 2018, I had warned Samrata when we were setting out on this journey that it would not be easy, after all, there were over 300 members of the family to document!  Through this book, I hope our family traditions, culture and stories will be preserved and reconnect the younger generations. Every family has a story that should be documented. In this book, we have attempted to present our family's story in the larger context of the political, social, cultural, and economic climate of that time. The Family Fables team is very dedicated and Samrata has a lot of enthusiasm, wisdom and experience. By the end of the project, she became a family member. It was a pleasure working with her!"


Apurva Purohit

(President- Jagran Prakashan Limited)

"The Family Fables team created our family’s book for us. The in-depth research they did and the tact and empathy with which they were able to draw out long-forgotten anecdotes from the senior family members and elders have lent richness and nuance to our shared history which has been a joy to go through. Personally, I learned a lot about the family’s past and I think that this book is an extremely important legacy to give our children and grandchildren - a sense of where they came from! I strongly recommend every family create this kind of written history - lest we forget!"


Chetan and Sheeba Sabharwal​

(Son and daughter-in-law of

Justice Sabharwal- Former Chief Justice

of India)

'We met Samrata from Family Fables in mid-2018 for putting together a book on my father, the late Justice Y K Sabharwal. We wanted to launch the book on 14th January 2019 to commemorate his 77th birth anniversary. We did not have much time and more than forty-five people had to be interviewed, and several articles and pictures, both personal and professional, had to be pieced together for the book. It was Samrata and the Family Fables team that did all of this for us so efficiently. They worked relentlessly for months to craft this book. We were very impressed with her work and dedication. Our best wishes for her future endeavours!" 

The book is a beautiful culmination of tales, memories and nostalgia and to me is a family heirloom that I see will be passed through the generations keeping those stories and values alive within the family."

Surbhit Jain

(Presenting the book to his grandmother

on her birthday, 2018)


Nidhi Kumra

(Co-Founder, YourSpace)

"Nanis are best known for three things: their affection, pampering and food. This was our chance to pamper her. Food unites families all over and ours is no different. For a Punjabi family like ours, what better tribute to a Nani than to pamper her and to spread her love through food. The entire family came together and penned down their memories for the book. My gratitude to Family Fables who orchestrated this whole process so beautifully. And it is thanks to them that our fables will be shared for generations and my Nani's legacy and food will live in our

hearts forever."

Surbhit Jain.png

Surbhit Jain

(Head of Product Marketing -

Digital Experience, Adobe India)

When I spoke to Family Fables Co. first about documenting our family history, I saw documenting the life of my grandmother as a medium of passing on her stories and values to the future generation. The journey from that first conversation with Samrata to the point where we presented the final book to my grandmother was a memorable one for my family. I was very apprehensive, if my grandmother would open up to a group of people whom she did not know and speak to them about her life. The process of documenting her life was rather a beautiful one. The team at Family Fables Co. worked with the family making each one of them very comfortable and ensuring that the book reflected what each one of us wanted. I could see my grandmother go down memory lane and share stories that even we had not heard from her before. The book is a beautiful culmination of tales, memories and nostalgia and to me is a family heirloom that I see will be passed through the generations keeping those stories and values alive within the family.


Stutee Sabharwal

(Commemorative book for a mile stone Birthday)

"Thank you Samrata and the Family Fables Co. team for creating such a wonderful book for my 40th birthday. 
Big thank you for the effort and heart you have put in with Nitin to create this book for us! It’s a beautiful and special book that I will be reading innumerable times.
I loved every bit of it, especially the way it was presented, from the special box with the initials to the stamp, from the roses to the soft cover- this book is an amalgamation of our memories.
It's a lifetime treasure for me!"

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Gita Gohel Rathore

"We grew up listening to all the wonderful stories of Dad's life as a child, a teenager,  his early years in the RIAF, his experiences in WW 2 and of our happy  childhood days. We never for once imagined that one day Dad will no longer be with us , and there would be no one to enthrall us with  such exciting and interesting stories. How i wish we had recorded all his conversations ! But that was not to be.

Then the next best thing happened...Family Fables Co !
We shared with them Dad's stories , his Log Books, Photographs, and our memories , and they patiently and  painstakingly wove all of it into a beautiful book, Flights of Valour'...a treasure trove  of  memories for the present and future generations to come. 
The photographs were beautifully reproduced , retaining their original look. The design work was superb, printing was par excellence and the binding was a job done  to perfection. I can well imagine the hours , days and months that Samrata and her team spent working on the book...through the most difficult times of the covid pandemic.
Thank you Family Fables have made my dream come true ! "

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Col. Raja Ram Chandra

"It had been my dream to publish a book about the story of my life   and living through and being part of 90  years of history including several major wars. There was no way I could have accomplished this without Family Fables company and specifically  Samrata Diwan. She and her amazing staff very patiently and conscientiously worked with me do get this job accomplished. I am so thankful to them. I hope  this is going to be my  lasting  gift to  several generations to come. Thank you Samrata, Surangana and team Family Fables - you are amongst the most sincere and outstanding people that I have come across in my 90 years. God Bless you all."

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